5 Tips To Beat The Competition


Fuel station owners are always looking for ways to achieve a competitive edge. In addition to implementing the obvious ones, such as offering excellent service, get creative with ideas like digital marketing or getting involved in your community.

1. Offer excellent service

Ensure that your employees are always offering the best possible service. Make use of training services for employees and managers to achieve excellent service delivery.

2. Strictly adhere to regulations

It is important to take health and safety regulations seriously to avoid the risk of losing business due to an unfortunate health and safety indecent. The same goes for labour regulations.

3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is still young in South Africa and fuel stations are only now starting to realise the benefits. It is fundamental to have your business listed with Google so that customers can easily find you. Read more here: Beat the competition by running relevant, targeted social media advertising campaigns in your area. There are numerous ways to do this. You could either appoint one of your existing employees to set up a social media account, such as Facebook page. They could then do some training and learn how to make the best use of advertising on Facebook. You could also appoint a digital marketing agency specialising in fuel stations to manage this for you.

4. Get involved in your community

Everyone likes the good guys. If potential customers notice the good you’re doing in your community, they will be sure to support you before anyone else. You could advertise at a local school, benefiting both you and the school. You could collaborate with another organisation in your community, such as a night shelter, to start a blanket drive during the cold winter months. You could advertise your blanket drive at your fuel station, or on your Facebook page, asking donors to drop blankets off at your site. This is a creative way to attract new customers from your area.


ABOVE: BP William Nicol, Johannesburg, is running a blanket drive, offering one free coffee with every gifted blanket. 


ABOVE: Sasol and the Smile Foundation also ran a blanket drive. 

5. Keep your customers happy

See our list of 8 ways to keep customers happy here.