Awesome Fuel Station Designs


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Gas station at 92401 Galanta, Slovakia, designed by Atelier SAD.
The project was completed in 2011.
All photographs by Tomáš Soucek.

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Skovshoved Petrol Station, Skovshoved, northern Copenhagen, Denmark.
This historic petrol station, still in operation today, was designed by Arne Jacobsen and was opened in 1936. The architecture is a fine example of the functionalist style.

Skovshoved Petrol Station 1Photo by Stephannie Fell.

Skovshoved Petrol Station 2Photo courtesy of Gorky Park Digest.

Skovshoved Petrol Station 3Photo from Thomas Angermann.

Skovshoved Petrol Station 3Photo from 

Skovshoved Petrol Station 4Drawing by Jacobsen.

Skovshoved Petrol Station 5Drawing by Jacobsen.

Tramway Gas Station, designed by Albert Frey, is one of the most well-known fuel station designs globally.
The project is located in Palm Springs and was designed in 1965.
All photographs courtesy of Gorky Park Digest.