Health & Safety Goal Calendar

Fuel Station Pro HSSE Goal Zero Calendar

To keep track of health and safety incidents, use this goal zero calendar. We have created a free, printable template where you can fill in consecutive health and safety incident free days or record health and safety incidents that have occurred. You can download the template, print it, and stick it up in a visible […]

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For Customers: Fuel Margins Explained


Particularly during trying economic times, customers are often displeased with fuel retailers about petrol prices and increases. Most customers don’t understand that prices are not set by retailers. And it is less known that retailers actually only make small margins on fuel sales, particularly considering how hard they have to work at their business. Below we explain […]

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8 Ways To Keep Customers Happy


Keeping customers happy is vital to run a successful fuel station. We’ve compiled a list of eight simple ways to keep your customers happy, resulting in a positive impact on your sales. 1. Customer is King This age-old business mantra is great advice to make your customers feel important (and right, even when they’re not). South Africa is […]

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5 Tips To Beat The Competition


Fuel station owners are always looking for ways to achieve a competitive edge. In addition to implementing the obvious ones, such as offering excellent service, get creative with ideas like digital marketing or getting involved in your community. 1. Offer excellent service Ensure that your employees are always offering the best possible service. Make use of training […]

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Emergency Numbers Template


For health and safety reasons, it is vital that important emergency numbers are clearly visible for all your employees. We have created a free, printable template where you can fill in emergency numbers. You can download the template, print a few copies, fill in the numbers, and stick it up in visible locations at your […]

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Awesome Fuel Station Designs


Above and below:  Gas station at 92401 Galanta, Slovakia, designed by Atelier SAD. The project was completed in 2011. All photographs by Tomáš Soucek.             Below: Skovshoved Petrol Station, Skovshoved, northern Copenhagen, Denmark. This historic petrol station, still in operation today, was designed by Arne Jacobsen and was opened in […]

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Is South Africa’s Fuel Too Expensive?


Are South Africans paying too much for fuel, in comparison with the rest of the world? Let’s take a look… South Africa’s petrol prices are, understandably, more than major oil-producing countries such as the U.S.A. and Saudi Arabia. But, in comparison with most European countries, South Africa’s petrol is much cheaper. For example, as of July […]

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